Welcome to The Modern-Day Digital Village

We are a modern-day digital village built with the aim of helping parents alleviate some of the stress associated with childcare by reviving the ancient concept of sharing responsibilities with others in the community.

Our vision is to develop a settlement of like-minded people... a tribe whose core value embodies togetherness.

The advent of technology has undoubtedly spurred unfathomable progress in the 21st century. However, its effect has proven to be a double-edge sword. On one hand, it has allowed us to garner infinite data, enabled virtual work environments, provided direct access to mass communication, improved socio-economic factors, etcetera. On the other hand, it has drastically diminished the beauty of forming relationships organically. Although one could argue that emojis relay expression virtually; often to the dismay of the sender, relayed messages get misconstrued, which is a precursor to hostility and judgement; ultimately leaving most feeling vulnerable and unsupported. While technology cannot replace the need for human interaction, it certainly can be used to build a strong sense of community.
Another key point to note is the concept of work-life balance. It eludes to the notion that attaining an equilibrium balance of work, family and life activities can be achieved without having to place major emphasis on one end of the scale based on pre-defined priorities.
The term work-life balance originated in the late 1970's when technology was still in conception, work was left at work, and traditional gender roles were more embraced. While it may have helped then, the ideology has proven to be an oxymoron of sort in our present time. It certainly needs to be adapted to the 21st century.  
Essentially, we need to strive to achieve work-life harmony by leveraging our strengths and removing the judgement and uneasiness associated with asking for help recursively.
In our increasingly demanding world - time, money and support remain the three major constraints hindering most from achieving harmony. Placing emphasis on the simplest type of relationships– the nuclear family unit; parents are often burned out from the expectations of having to meet childcare obligations alone!
In past times, parents were able to alleviate some of the burden by sharing some responsibilities with fellow villagers; such support as exemplified in some African and Eastern cultures.
Until we democratize childcare, most will merely survive. As a community, we will thrive!
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