Self-Care Secrets to Combat Christmas Chaos

Christmas, the most wonderful time of year!

So why do so many of us experience pressure, chaos, and feel like there is never enough of anything for anything? As women, I think we have created a habit of putting far too much on our plate and expecting way too much of ourselves, only to double and triple the unrealistic expectations of ourselves during the holiday season. For too many of us, it leaves us tired, miserable, overwhelmed and the joy we hope to experience is lost in the chaos and the pressure.

This doesn’t have to be our experience this year and intentional self-care is one of the secrets to combat the weariness that afflicts so many of us. 

If you are ready to turn the chaos into more calm and peace, take not of the following three, self-care secrets to combat the Christmas chaos this year.

  1. Focus on the Little Things

When we are going, going, going, like many of us do this time of year, it seems like self-care is just “one more thing” to give our already divided focus to. So don’t make self-care a “big thing,” but rather, make small choices that allow you to take care of you. And keep it simple!

Simple and easy choices like eating properly, taking an uninterrupted shower, even taking the extra moments to do your hair and make-up go a long way to helping elevate your mood and your energy. Even making sure to keep a decent bedtime can make all the difference.

It’s these small, little shifts that you can make that are intentional acts of self-love that can keep you going in this busy season. Not only that, but it develops the habit of self-care and when we develop habits in small ways, it begins to create space for how we can make intentional shifts in the bigger areas of life as well.

  1. Create a Plan and Stick with It

Not only is it important to have an idea of what is on the calendar in order to keep your head on your shoulders, I cannot stress enough how important creating a block of time every day for “Me Time” is for any and every mother/entrepreneur in the world.  Developing a rhythm of life in which dedicated space to think, reflect, read, play, meditate or exercise is going to serve you in a huge way not only today but in the long run. 


Because you are not only creating the space to honour yourself and remember who you are, you are showing your family how to value you by valuing yourself. This could look like a morning routine, a bedtime routine, a specific time to exercise or even a day or time you leave your home for an activity that is not household or business related. Let this be simple and let it be easy but most of all, let it become a habit and the norm.

  1. Elicit Help when Needed and Available

Mama, you were not meant to do this on your own, nor are you expected to.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to your tribe and ask for what you need, be it from your spouse or partner, a friend or family member. Maybe the support you need is with a coach, a housekeeper or maybe it is even from a doctor or professional. Trying to navigate the chaos by yourself is just going to lead to more chaos because none of us have 100% of everything we need to face everything we need to deal with.

Christmas truly can be the most wonderful time of year and due to its higher than normal busyness, doubling down on intentional ways to take care of ourselves is one of the secrets to combating the chaos that accompanies Christmas. Be intentional, be specific, and remember that the most important resource you have, is YOU! So give yourself an extra dose of self-love this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

Jessica Fox is a Master Transformational Coach, #1 International Bestselling Author of Yes, I Can and featured TED-Ed Presenter.  She has a passion for helping work-at-home moms who struggle with time management, productivity and self-confidence. She helps them learn to master their time, experience more focused, productive working hours and tap into their purpose, power and potential so they can get everything done between their business and home, experience peace and connection with their kids and see more profitability in their business.

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