Leaning In To Winter Wellness

At Abulé, we cherish the voices of our entire village! Here’s an article by Alisha Carlson, a Non-Diet Lifestyle Coach and founder of The Strong[HER] Way. She is passionate about empowering women to make an impact and helping them feel better in their bodies through food, movement, mindset, and non-diet strategies so that they can create + live their best life. 

Leaning In To Winter Wellness

With shorter days approaching, and the weather turning, this time of year often brings out the hibernation-like behaviors in many of us. While it can be a great time to go inward, spending more time with our family and close friends, it can also be a time that is marked by isolation and seasonal depression for many. 

Now more than ever it’s important to bring more awareness to our overall state of well being. And the best place to start is with a little self-awareness. Just like our day-to-day lives are made of many facets, so is our wellness. 

If you’re feeling like something is missing in your wellness practice, this exercise will help you zero in on what is working and what might need a little more TLC in this season of life.

Grab a piece of paper and label it as follows:

  1. Physical
  2. Spiritual
  3. Relational
  4. Finances
  5. Work/ calling
  6. Emotional + mental
  7. Fun (hobbies)

Then rate each area 1-10. 1 being not satisfied at all, 10 being completely satisfied in this area.

Next, you will want to ask yourself some questions to see if you can start to pinpoint what specifically you can do to start to boost the areas of your life that you want to work on. 

Some questions to ask yourself:

Why did I rate it this number? 

What would make it a 10? 

What’s one small step I can take today to move toward that 10. 

To be clear, we aren’t aiming for perfection. 

That’s not what 10 is.

 It’s more like us being super intentional about how and where we are investing the time and energy we have in a way that fuels us and allows us to pour more freely into those around us. 

Fight the urge to beat yourself up if after an honest look, you don’t feel like you’re doing as well as you’d like. 

Some other things to ask yourself is what IS going really well in this area (even if you rated it fairly low). Why is it important to you to work on this area in your life? 

You’ve likely heard being deeply connected to your why will help propel you when it’s much easier to give up instead. 

Some of my favorite ways to give these key areas a little boost are:

Move my body in some way (I enjoy) every day. 

Get enough sleep. Having a solid bedtime +  routine is super helpful when it comes to this.

Drink plenty of water. Aim for about 1oz/ pound of body weight. 

Eat a variety of foods that nourish your body and feel good inside of it. While allowing yourself the freedom to make your own food choices apart from the latest diet craze.

Get outside for a little bit each day. Nature is some of the best therapy there is.

Connect with friends and family. Be intentional about reaching out and catching up. 

Ask for help when I need it. Lean on your tribe.  


More about Alisha Carlson 

Alisha takes an inside out approach to health and wellbeing, helping her clients gain clarity on their vision for their lives, so that they have a clear, no-bull blueprint. She helps her clients create a custom plan that fits into the rest of their lives instead of the other way around. 

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