Dear Parents: A Letter Of Apology

Dear Moms and Dads,
We heard your cry long before the crisis, and we hear it even louder now
We are truly sorry for not taking action sooner
We are sorry that our fast-paced, scarce-help, hi-tech world isn’t quite set-up to support modern-day parenting
We are sorry for not pooling and extending childcare as a joint societal responsibility
We are sorry that the 1970s promise of work-life balance was clearly not kept
We are sorry to break it to you that it is an oxymoron
We are convinced that there will be a positive shift in our culture
We are rooting for all you super moms and brave dads :)
We are grateful that where there is life, there is still hope
We are glad to report that work-life harmony can be achieved if we come together as a society to create a sustainable solution
We are here to help - please tell us how we can make life easier for you and rewarding for our children both now and post-crisis.
In the meantime, sign up on our website take turns hosting virtual interactive activities to keep our children occupied.
Calling all parents, teachers, freelancers, volunteers, and businesses interested in partnership.