8 Movies to Watch With Your Little HEroes and SHEroes

Yes, we’re still riding the high of securing our first ever Madam Vice President-Elect AND celebrating Veteran’s Day this week, so we’re taking this opportunity to salute the HEroes and SHEroes that inspire us to dream big and be the very best that we can be. 

We’re living in a moment when real change is happening, and it’s our chance to grow; to grow as individuals, to grow as parents, and to grow as united peoples. We’ve got to lift each other up–and that includes our little girls AND our little boys. Yes, we’re in an awesome Girl Power moment and our sisters before us have worked tirelessly to get us here. (Seriously, Ladies... THANK YOU!) But we can’t forget the men that have supported us and treated us as equals all along the way, and the little boys who are watching us all right now. They too can be anything they want–including kind, nurturing, compassionate people. We have a duty to show ALL of our children that they can be ANYTHING they put their minds to if they harness their courage, show everyone respect, and lead with kindness. 

To build on this cultural moment, we rounded up a selection of movies with inspiring characters and/or plot lines that you can share with your kids (all are PG or PG-13, so you may want to pre-screen, but you know best what your kids can handle). They’re stories that will entertain you–but also lift you up, and give you opportunities to have important, insightful conversations with your kids. 

A League of Their Own (Rated PG)

It’s hard NOT to stand up and cheer for these under-rated female athletes!

Akeelah and the Bee (Rated PG)

Even spelling can be an awesome super-power! 

Hidden Figures (Rated PG)

It turns out that Mathematicians are pretty damn bad-ass. 

Remember The Titans (Rated PG)

This disconnected football team learns they are so much stronger when they finally work together. 

Wonder (Rated PG)

A heartwarming reminder that your most beautiful trait is your character. 

Legally Blonde (Rated PG-13)

This movie will remind you not to judge a book by its cover, and that pink can be powerful. 

Mulan (Rated PG-13) 

The new action-packed version teaches us the importance of being loyal, brave, and true. 

Wonder Woman (Rated PG-13)

Gal Gadot is fierce, and she proves that muscles are beautiful. 

Enjoy the show(s)... and don’t forget the popcorn.