5 Ways to Prep for Holidays That Are Anything But Traditional

5 Ways to Prep for Holidays That Are Anything But Traditional 

  1. Shop Small. Obviously 2020 has been a difficult year for many small businesses, and the holidays are the perfect time to show your support. Have a favorite local restaurant? Buy a gift card for your babysitter/dog walker/bestie. Even if your recipient isn’t frequenting restaurants right now, there’s always the option of take-out. Love that sweet shop in the middle of town? Pick up some hostess gifts for when you DO get to go somewhere (anywhere) again. And don’t forget about your friends who have a social-media-based side hustle. Candles/lotions/wines are always great gifts, and you know your dollars are going directly to support their families. 

  1. Enlist the Elf Next Door. Everyone working from home + kids’ virtual learning + unpredictable delivery timeframes = a potential present-delivery disaster in the making. Enlist a trustworthy neighbor to be your Elf! Send any larger or more obvious packages to his/her house, so that you can organize a pick-up that works for you. And don’t forget to thank them with a little small-business gift. (That’s a win-win!)

  1. Get Sneaky. For years I’ve been taking one day off from work in December as my “wrapping day.” I scour around the house to unearth the presents I’ve been hiding and deposit them onto my bedroom floor to be sorted and wrapped. My sister usually joins me and we enjoy a mimosa (or two) when the hubby is at work and the kids are at school. It’s a fun tradition that will be totally trashed this year. How to wrap presents when everyone is home?! Get extra sneaky. First, lay the groundwork with some “do not disturb Mom” time. Pretend to be doing yoga or knitting (or anything else that will turn them off) then disappear to your room for an hour. Do this a few times (with your door locked) to throw your kids off the scent. Then use those stolen moments to slowly but surely chip away at unboxing, wrapping and re-boxing and then re-hiding the presents. Maybe even bring a “post-yoga mimosa” with you.

  1. Cook it Forward. Have a craving to cook a favorite holiday treat, but nowhere to bring it? Make it anyway and drop it off for a friend or a loved one. Ask for nothing in return, just that they pay (cook!) it forward and keep the kindness-cooking-chain going. You’ll warm hearts and bellies at the same time. Note: this is also something fun for the kids to get involved in! They can help you cook, or create “Secret Santa” cards to accompany the tasty treats.  

  1. Start Something New. Holiday traditions and expectations can be stressful, hectic, and overwhelming. This is the year to FINALLY set your own timeline, make your own rules, or start your own tradition. Maybe Santa is going to show up at your house on Christmas Eve so everyone can actually sleep IN on Christmas morning?! (That wouldn’t fly at my house, but maybe it can at yours!) There’s so much obligation over the holidays… but not this year. It’s finally time for YOU to make it what you want. Maybe we’ll all discover that in 2020, the holidays really are… a gift. 

Cheers, Friends!